2018 Louisiana Rules of Evidence Summary Guide

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This new edition of the Louisiana Code of Evidence Summary Trial Guide is a six-page guide in PDF format, designed to provide a quick and accurate reference for Louisiana trial lawyers. All amendments to the Louisiana Code of Evidence are included. The guide cites each evidence rule by number, and the important and useful provisions of each rule are concisely summarized by an experienced trial attorney for rapid use at trial and in pretrial preparation. Brevity is essential to ensure that the key provisions of each rule can be found immediately, especially in the fast pace of trials. The sixth page contains 28 of the most important and useful Louisiana evidentiary objections for quick use in the courtroom, with specific wording to preserve the record, and with a cite to a Louisiana Rule of Evidence for each objection. This is an excellent aid for trial lawyers to hone their skill for making timely objections at trial—in brief, an essential courtroom "friend” for the Louisiana trial lawyer.

The Louisiana Evidence Guide is ONLY available for purchase as a digital license and digital download (PDF format) directly to your desktop or laptop computer. Take it to court on your laptop—or print it out on legal size paper and have it instantly ready in court and at the office for pretrial preparation. The digital license sells for $10.00 each and authorizes copies to be placed on all desktop and laptop computers as well as tablets of the licensee. To order, just add to your cart, or click here.