2018 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Summary Trial Guide

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The 2018 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Summary Trial Guide accurately and concisely summarizes the current Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, including all amendments. Each rule is listed by number and is accurately and concisely reduced to essential meaning for instant use in the courtroom and in pretrial preparation. This is one of the “must have” Trial Guides for attorneys who practice in Federal courts. Sixteen pages printed on heavy-duty specialty paper, 3-hole punched for your trial notebook, and in two colors for ease of use.

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The Federal Rules of Evidence Summary Trial Guide is available for purchase as a digital license and digital download (PDF format) directly to your desktop or laptop computer. Take it to court on your laptop—or print it out on legal size paper and have it instantly ready in court and at the office for pretrial preparation. The digital license sells for $10.50 each and authorizes copies to be placed on all desktop and laptop computers as well as tablets of the licensee.  To add your cart, click here.

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