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NEW! The ULTIMATE Evidentiary Objection & Evidence Foundation Guide

28 objections with rule cites AND a guide as to when and how to use them . . . rules for authentication . . . foundation questions for anything you need to get into evidence.  THIS IS IT - don't go to court without the ULTIMATE!

Summary Trial Guides for Trial Lawyers

Concise, accurate, and inexpensive, our Summary Trial Guides put the law at your fingertips.

Rules of procedure, and evidence codes with objections - you can't afford to be without these in court!

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The "must have" courtroom tool!


Our Guides are designed to provide quick reference to procedure and evidence rules during the fast pace of trials. Brevity is essential to ensure that the key provisions of each rule may be found immediately during trial and trial preparation. 


Our Guides cite each rule by number, and the most important and useful provisions of each rule are concisely summarized by experienced attorneys, law professors, and judges. Updated throughout the year with supplements available as laws change.


All Guides are less than $15 each, and printed in “folder form” on durable heavy duty binder paper.  We stick to two colors for ease of use, and 3-hole-punch our Guides for insertion into the attorney’s trial notebook. Also available as a PDF for your tablet or smartphone!

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