Online Trial Advocacy Coaching


eLEX is pleased to offer one-on-one advocacy coaching by nationally board certified attorney, law professor, and author Joe Bodiford!

We offer one-hour or two-hour sessions!

Many of you know that I have a master's degree in music performance (trumpet).  I spent many pre-law years taking trumpet lessons.  "Applied music lesson" are the only way to learn and grow as a performer.  The technique comes from "shedding" in the practice room - but the music comes for working with a teacher or coach.  The same is true for athletes - golf lessons, tennis lessons, and pitching and batting coaches have been the norm for decades!  People who want to succeed seek out the help of experts.

After 26 years as a trial lawyer and coach, it occurred to me - why aren't we working one-on-one with attorneys and students?  It only makes sense!  Taking time to talk through theories and themes, presentation styles, and all the nuances of trial work is so much more effective than reading about them or watching YouTube!

So, eLEX Advocacy was born!

Courtroom advocacy coaching sessions

I am offering "private lessons" for trial lawyer and advocacy students.  Sessions are in one-hour blocks, and can be done in person in Tallahassee, Florida, or online via Zoom.  Sessions include:

  • Review of your advocacy experience
  • Analysis of your pending case and your goals
  • Discussion of persuasion points directly related to your case
  • Analysis of your actual presentation
  • Help with exhibits and demonstratives

To book a session, simply visit our product page, select the amount of time you'd like, and make your purchase.  You will be contacted by me personally within a few hours to get your session scheduled.  As a busy trial lawyer myself, I am available to meet with coaching clients nights and weekends.

Please visit the one-hour or two-hour page to get started.