Summary Trial Guide Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads of all of products (except the ULTIMATE Guide and the pocket Constitution) are available for PDF download to your computer. 

Our 2021 Rules of Evidence and Rules of Procedure Summary Trial Guides on your desktop, laptop, table, or even smartphone!

All the features of the paper copy, in a easy-to-use digital format.  Evidence guides include 28 Evidentiary Objections with citations to the applicable rule!

$10.00 - 20.00 per single-user license

The purchaser of this digital guide (PDF) has a Single-User License for use on personal computers/tablets owned by or under control of the licensee, for use only by licensee. Licensee may print copies of the guide for personal use (legal size paper required). No other reproduction, electronic transmission, sharing, or copying of the download in any form is lawful without the publisher’s prior written permission. See Section 106, United States Copyright Act of 1976.

The digital license for a guide authorizes printing of the guide for the personal single-use of licensee only.  If more than one person plans on using the digital guide, please purchase a license for each user.  For example, if you have 10 people who are going to use this guide on computers, tablets, or smartphones, or in print, you would purchase 10 licenses.  Remember, we offer discounts on orders over $100!