Evidence “cheat sheet”?!?

Posted by Joe Bodiford on

Federal Rules of Evidence

”Can I order one of your evidence cheat sheets?” 

I always cringe at the well-intended request. All I can think about is an ill-prepared middle schooler freaking out. Score a test, and resorting to desperate measures. My guides aren’t cheat sheets! My guides aren’t something scribbled on a little piece of notebook paper and hidden away from the teacher’s view! They are noted Summary Trial Guides, courtroom tools for the polished and prepared litigator. Good lawyers don’t cheat, for heaven’s sake! 

But, I’ve gotten over it and realize it’s a term of endearment as opposed to a dismissal or relevance or disrespectful slight.  

Florida Evidence Code

If you think about it, cheat sheets are designed for success.  They are prepared in advance, which is something trial lawyers must do.  Cheat sheets are concise and accurate, which is what eLEX’s guides are known for. And, as I recall the cheat sheets I’ve seen (but never used!!) in my time, they are inexpensive.  eLEX’ guides are all less than $15 each.

Preparation is key - and we have done it for you by summarizing the evidence and procedure rules for quick ease of use.  Use our Summary Trial Guides to study the rules, prep for court, and for quick and easy reference in the heat of battle.  We’ve done the work - you reap the reward!

So, while I’ll always bristle a bit at the moniker, if you want an evidence cheat sheet, we have what you need.  Just don’t wad it up and hide it in your sock.

~ Joe