It is what is claims to be - authentication of Facebook posts

Posted by Joseph Bodiford on

U.S. v. Barnes, 803 F. 3d 209 (5th Cir 2015):  The Government laid sufficient foundation regarding Holsen's Facebook and text messages.  Holsen testified that she had seen Hall use Facebook, she recognized his Facebook account, and the Facebook messages matched Hall's manner of communicating.  She also testified that Hall could send text messages from his cell phone, she had spoken to Hall on the phone number that was the source of the texts, and the content of the text messages indicated they were from Hall.  Although she was not certain that Hall authored the messages, conclusive proof of authenticity is not required for the admission of disputed evidence.  United States v. Jimenez Lopez, 873 F. 2d 769, 772 (5th Cir.1989).  As the district court correctly recognized, the jury holds the ultimate responsibility for evaluating the reliability of the evidence. See Barlow, 568 F. 3d at 220.