The new eLEX Publishers is here!

Posted by Joe Bodiford on

Founded on 35 years of development by the legendary trial advocacy professor William Eleazer, Elex Publishers set the standard for concise, accurate, practical, and inexpensive courtroom evidence and procedure guides. You will not find a trial lawyer that does not value an Elex Trial Guide more than anything else on the counsel's table.

Florida and National Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Joe Bodiford is now heading up the company.  A former student and mentee, and longtime friend of Professor Eleazer, Joe first met Professor Eleazer in the early 1990s as a Stetson Law student.  He was on the Stetson trial team, and was Professor Eleazer's research assistant.  Now, Joe has 22 years in litigation as a trial lawyer (over 120 jury trials tried!), is an advocacy teacher and coach (Stetson and Florida State), an author, lecturer, and unabashed trial junkie.  Joe's vision for Elex has prompted a slight change in the name - to eLEX - which emphasizes the company's move to fuse technology ("e") and the law ("lex").

Happily, Professor Eleazer will remain on board as Publisher Emeritus, and continue to author some of our guides.  That is, when he has time between racquetball, poker, craft beer, and now golf.  Or is it shuffleboard?

The Trial Guides will not change, and will continue to be the flagship product of eLex Publishers.  The evidentiary objection guide will be slightly revised based on Joe's theory of controlling the subject matter, the witness, and opposing counsel.

New products will be coming along soon.  We are excited to offer other resources for the courtroom and trial lawyers, including technology products as well as new written materials.  We also hope to have presentation items that we test and approve.

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