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Transcript/Statement Notes Worksheet

Efficiently summarize and organize notes from depositions, statements, videos, and witness testimonies with eLEX's Transcript/Statement Notes Worksheet. Stay organized with this essential tool for trial lawyers and law students.

A simply organization system used by eLEX's publisher, Joe Bodiford, for decades.  Joe is a Florida Bar and National Board of Trial Advocacy certified lawyer, an adjunct professor of advocacy at Stetson Law (the #1 ranked advocacy law school in the country), and author of two books on trial advocacy.

Organize your directs and cross examinations efficiently & effectively

This system is brilliant in its simplicity:  all the info you need at your fingertips.  Don't stop in the middle of trial to thumb through a deposition transcript looking for the page where so-and-so said such-and-such.  The jurors can hear crickets chirping while you flip pages . . . all the while losing your momentum and their interest!

Perfect tool for pretrial preparation

Perfect for pretrial preparation, this Worksheet lets you list the page and line (or the time marker on a audio recording or video), and the essential testimony, for quick reference.  Just fill out the Worksheet as you review the document or recording, then stick it in the witness' file (what Joe calls the "witness dossier").  You can use it to plug in references on your Cross Examination Witness Worksheet, or simply for refreshing recollection or impeaching on the fly.

The best part: we're offering it to you for FREE!

eLEX is proud to offer this Worksheet free to all - whether you are a returning eLEX customer, or a new customer who is looking to take your advocacy to the next level.

Enjoy - best wishes for excellence in advocacy!