Ohio Rules of Evidence Summary Guide

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Ohio Rules of Evidence
Summary Trial Guide

Our Ohio Rules of Evidence Summary Trial Guide includes all amendments to the Ohio Rules of Evidence.  Each Evidence Rule, by number, is concisely and accurately summarized for rapid use at trial and in pretrial preparation. Brevity is essential to ensure that the key provisions of each rule can be found immediately, especially in the fast pace of trials. 

**Current as of January 2023

Ohio Evidentiary Objections

The Guide contains 28 of the most useful Ohio Evidentiary Objections, with appropriate language and authority for each. It is a quick and effective aid for studying the Ohio Rules of Evidence and honing your skill for making timely objections at trial.

Ohio Rules of Evidence

The Ohio Rules of Evidence Summary Trial Guide is compact and portable.  4-pages, folder-style, printed on heavy-duty specialty paper, 3-hole punched for your trial notebook, and in two colors for ease of use.

The Ohio Rules of Evidence Summary Trial Guide — a valuable and dependable courtroom tool for the Ohio trial lawyer.  Also makes a great study guide or "cheat sheet" for learning the Ohio Rules of Evidence!

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The Ohio Rules of Evidence Summary Trial Guide is available for purchase as a digital license and digital download (PDF format) directly to your desktop or laptop computer. Take it to court on your laptop—or print it out on legal size paper and have it instantly ready in court and at the office for pretrial preparation. The digital license sells for $10.00 each and authorizes copies to be placed on all desktop and laptop computers as well as tablets of the licensee. Add to your cart, or just click here.

**NOTE:  The Ohio Rules of Evidence are monitored regularly for any amendments or new rules, and if any are passed between printings, an insert will be included in the printed Summary Trial Guide so that it is current.  Our Digital Download will always be updated and current. Photos are intended to show what the Guide looks like and may not reflect the current product.