The ULTIMATE Evidentiary Objection & Evidence Foundations Guide

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This is it. This is the guide that no trial lawyer in the country should be without.  Introducing eLEX's


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Are you ready to take your trial game to the next level? Look no further than eLEX's ULTIMATE Evidentiary Objection & Evidence Foundations Guide. With this invaluable tool at your fingertips, you'll be able to confidently navigate the intricacies of evidentiary objections and ensure that every piece of evidence you present is admitted seamlessly and persuasively. Whether you're a seasoned litigator or a novice attorney, this guide is an absolute must-have for anyone preparing for trial. So why wait? Elevate your trial game today with eLEX's ULTIMATE Evidentiary Objection  & Evidence Foundations  Guide.

The ULTIMATE is compact and portable. 4-pages, folder-style, printed on heavy-duty specialty paper, 3-hole punched for your trial notebook, and in two colors for ease of use.


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This new version of our famous Evidentiary Objections, the ULTIMATE gives you not only the 28 legal objections, but how to argue it and the rule citation.  Now, we also break down the objections as to what part of the trial you need to control:  the substance of the testimony, the witness, or your opponent! **Note, the ULTIMATE Guide does not contain the actual evidence code summaries.


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Inside, we give you the foundations (also known as litanies) for Impeaching, Refreshing Recollection, and how to use Recorded Recollection.  eLEX breaks down the fundamentals of authenticating evidence with twist on the old BARPH mnemonic (remember that from law school?).


The best part of the ULTIMATE are the procedures for handling evidence and getting it admitted without a hitch.  We have evidence tips for trial lawyers that will make sure nothing is overlooked or forgotten.  Best of all, we red-letter WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY to get in the following types of evidence:

  • Tangible Evidence
  • Fungible Evidence
  • Non-Fungible Evidence
  • Evidence requiring a Chain of Custody
  • Copies, reproductions, enlargements
  • Photographs, videos
  • Business Records
  • Summaries
  • Websites, Social Media accounts/posts
  • Chats, texts, emails
  • Demonstrative Evidence (with an explanation of the difference between demonstrative evidence and demonstrative (visual) aids 

The ULTIMATE Evidentiary Objection & Evidence Foundations Guide — a valuable and dependable courtroom tool for the every trial lawyer.  Also makes a great study guide or "cheat sheet" for learning how to handle evidence like a pro!

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Note, citations in the ULTIMATE are to the Federal Rules of Evidence.